Belfast takes Sinn Fein's historic election win in its stride

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Belfast takes Sinn Fein's historic election win in its stride

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Belfast takes Sinn Fein's historic election win in its stride


Irish nationalists in Belfast toasted Sinn Fein's historic election victory on Sunday (May 8) while pro-British neighbours quietly fumed, but there was little sign the weekend's political earthquake was about to rock this once-troubled city.

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In a victory that would have been unimaginable a few decades ago, the former political wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) on Saturday became the first Irish nationalist party to take top spot in elections to the British-run region's parliament.

The win gives Sinn Fein the right to nominate its leader Michelle O'Neill as the region's first Catholic First Minister - and more power to pursue the party's ultimate objective of uniting Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland to the south.

But few of the people enjoying a sunny Sunday on the city's staunchly pro-British Newtownards Road seemed overly concerned.

"Obviously we don't want a united Ireland and Sinn Fein is going to push for a border poll but I'd say bring it on, we've nothing to be afraid of," said John Keenan, who runs the Union Jack Souvenir Shop.

His confidence is due to opinion polls that have consistently shown a majority of voters in Northern Ireland favour remaining part of the United Kingdom.

The pro-British loyalist community, named for their allegiance to the United Kingdom, is "worried" by Sinn Fein's rise, Keenan said.