There is A character model rework a project

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There is A character model rework a project

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No matter how negative of a reply you give - short of leaving Jagex products completely, they won't create any real attempts to make monetization better/fairer if they are not legally forced to. That being said - you'd think they'd want to invest into furthering Runescape better buy RS gold, making things more modernized with the current gaming standards to try and make Runescape better. There was a post on here the other day about them partnering with some other team, and everyone memeing about the way they promised to"lead the dev world with numerous matches" or something - which is interesting considering they're among the worst at monetizing (they are way worse, but they are extremely low on that scale anyway).

Because of how competitive they are, and that you still can't just outright buy some items, and instead have to gamble for them which should be illegal, and that I doubt they're in any politician's pockets right now. Time will tell how that goes down. I find it intriguing how they're always super hyped in their background - and yet they clearly didn't learn anything out of it, and have pretty much tarnished their brand with their community by not building off what's viewed as'great' by community members, and instead continuing to do exactly what a sizable portion of the community disagrees with. It is their game in the end, but if you make something unpalatable, individuals won't continue eating it forever.

It could be HUGE for advertising and new player retention too, who wishes to play a game where your character looks like they jumped out of a ps2. In which the sister game with images is tremendously popular, you mean the game? Who would have believed that graphics aren't the end-all be-all when 90 percent of their time in RS3 you're not even looking at the display and instead are watching Netflix/etc whilst AFKing. I believe part of this is that OSRS is pretty constant, RS3 is all over the place. Maybe not in any way constant even the OSRS art team has confessed that the elements of the graphics of OSRS and they are going to update their art fashion.

" It's Mod Deagle (Associate Art Director, Old School RuneScape) here with an update on what the art team has been working for the last few weeks through these very extraordinary occasions. Old School has a very distinctive style that's suffered its share of twists and turns over the previous seven years. Since the art director, I want to concentrate on bringing these disparate components together in a more cohesive manner. There a couple things we want to address before diving deeper We're Taking a Look at ways to modernise the graphic features of Runescape." - OSRS's June Gielinor Gazette.

I really don't believe players hop and start afk skilling whilst viewing Netflix or whatever. They are likely to be engaged. You mean the identical exact thing that occurs in OSRS, which still has worse graphics than RS3 but generates multiple times more players? A new coat of paint does nothing for RS3, hell it's even a drawback at this point as it might take 1 of our updates up on a cosmetic upgrade that adds literally nothing to Runescape. If you would like to see an uptick in playercount you have to repair the issues.

There is A character model rework a project that is bigger then the upgrade, probably with a very long shot. They ca make hardly any content. Such a project, while doable, is beyond any skill to keep any game updates that are further alongside a project. It is not laziness or inability, it ruin for the sake of making models kept in the greatest distance better. Plus it would be financial ruin, they went too not updating Runescape or communication about not updating Runescape winrsgold. We know that RS gets pennies to the dollar reinvested back from the money they make to RS. Until their communist overlords allow them enough money and time to truly develop their group, these kind of projects are never likely to happen.